Retirement plans

Retirement plans are the foundation of a company’s benefits program. We offer a wide variety of retirement plan designs for employers including programs specifically suited for highly compensated employees, prevailing wage and Davis – Bacon contractors.

Every company has unique needs when it comes to designing their retirement plan, however we have found that the most successful 401(k) plans share the following best practices:

Top Ten Best Practices From Your 401(k) Service Providers:

Help evaluate investment options and service providers objectively without conflict of interest.

Familiarity with ERISA:
Help keep the company updated on legislation and regulations impacting 401(k) plans and fiduciaries.

Acceptance of Role as a Co – Fiduciary:
Willingness to acknowledge in writing that they are a co-fiduciary to your plan with respect to the investment advice and administrative support being delivered.

Prudent Expert:
ERISA Section 404(a) requires fiduciaries to act with the skill, knowledge and expertise of a prudent expert.

Plan Design:
Ability to help plans maintain qualified status with IRS & DOL while continuing to meet the goals and objectives of your company.

Knowledge of the 401(k) Marketplace:
Help ensure that your plan is running effectively and offering optimum investment options and services for a reasonable price.

Investment Expertise:
Ability to evaluate, select and monitor investment performance.

Documented Process:
Ability to demonstrate procedural prudence in a well – documented manner.

Employee Advice:
Ability to provide investment and retirement planning advice to your employees so they feel confident about their retirement.

Full Disclosure:
Fully disclose all sources of fees being received on a direct and/or indirect basis.


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